Importance of Before’and After’Photos During an Exercise Program.
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August 18, 2020

We know at times that photos can be deceiving,especially if photo-shopped. But when it comes to measuring your progress during an exercise program, photos are your best bet. I always encourage my new clients to take a front, side, and back photos of themselves prior to starting a fitness regimen. This is because along the way, when the body is transforming, they tend to forget how they looked initially, the photo will be a good yardstick for measuring progress at this time.

Sometimes, the scale may not move as quickly as you want, especially when you are losing fat and building muscles; your waist measurements and photos will be the judge. Meanwhile, if you are aren’t comfortable with someone else taking the photos for you, or probably you don’t have anyone around to do that; don’t worry, Amazon has a few good selfie rings that can do the job for you.

I have personally used PEYOU 10” SELFIE RING LIGHT:

Its durable, bright and it has a remote shutter that connects to your phone through Bluetooth. Just set your phone on the tripod and take a pose at a distance, within the camera view, and click the shutter.


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